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City of Hialeah

  •   State: 
    Miami-Dade County
      County FIPS: 
    25°51′38″N 80°17′38″W
      Area total: 
    22.82 sq mi
      Area land: 
    21.58 sq mi (55.90 km²)
      Area water: 
    1.24 sq mi (3.20 km²)
    7 ft (2 m)
    Incorporated September 10, 1925
  •   Latitude: 
      Dman name cbsa: 
    Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL
    Eastern Standard Time (EST) UTC-5:00; Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) UTC-4:00
      ZIP codes: 

    Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States

  •   Population: 
      Population density: 
    10,338.21 residents per square mile of area (3,991.52/km²)
      Household income: 
      Unemployment rate: 
  •   Sales taxes: 

Hialeah is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. With a population of 223,109 as of the 2020 census, it is the sixth-largest city in Florida. The city is notable for its high Hispanic proportion, which at 94.0%, is the second-highest proportion of Hispanic Americans out of any community in the United States outside of Puerto Rico. Hialeah also has the highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents of any city in the U.S., at 73.37% of the population. In 2016, 96.3% of residents reported speaking Spanish at home, and the language is an important part of daily life in the city. It is located upon a large prairie between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades. The name is most commonly attributed to Muskogee origin, "Haiyakpo" (prairie) and "hili" (pretty) combining in "Hiailah" to mean "pretty prairie". Alternatively, the word is of Seminole origin meaning "Upland Prairie" The city was incorporated in 1925 and was once envisioned as a playground for the Cuban exiles fleeing Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution. The famous aviator Amelia Earhart in 1937 said her final good-byes to the continental U.S. as she left on her ill-fated flight around the world. The opening of the horse racing course in 1925 (which was nicknamed the "Grand Dame") received more coverage in the Miami media than any other sporting event in the history of Dade County.


Hialeah is the primary city name, but also Hialeah Gardens, Hialeah Gdns, Miami Lakes are acceptable city names or spellings. The official name is City of Hialeah. Hialeah is located on a large prairie between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades. The city's name is most commonly attributed to Muskogee origin, "Haiyakpo" (prairie) and "hili" (pretty) It was once envisioned as a playground for the elite, Cuban exiles fleeing Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution transformed the city into a working-class community. From a population of 1,500 in 1925, Hialeah has grown faster than most of the 10 larger cities in the state of Florida since the 1960s and holds the rank of Florida's fifth-largest city, with more than 224,000 residents. In January 2009, Forbes magazine listed Hiaileah as one of the most boring cities in U.S. due to its large population and anonymity in the national media. It is the only American industrial city that continues to grow and is one of Dade County's largest employers. It was named after a pioneer aviator Glenn Curtiss and Missouri cattleman James H. Bright in 1921. In 1921, the first plat was drawn up, and the town was named. In 1925, the opening of the horse racing course at HIALeah Park Race Track in 1925 (which was nicknamed the "Grand Dame") received more coverage in the Miami media than any other sporting event in the county up to that time. The park's grandeur has attracted millions, included among them are names such as the Kennedy family, Harry Truman, General Omar Bradley, Winston Churchill, and J.P. Morgan.


Hialeah is located at 25°5138N 80°1738W (25.860474, 80.293971).According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 19.7 square miles (51 km²) of it is land. According to the Köppen climate classification, Hialeah as a tropical monsoon climate (Am) The city is located in the Miami-Dade County, Florida, area. The city has an area of 1.3 km² (0.5 sq miles) of water. It is located near Miami Springs, Miami Lakes, Opa-locka and West Little River. It has a population of 2.2 million (2.3 million in 2010). It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Florida, with a population growth rate of 0.7% in the past decade. It was the second-largest city in Florida in the 1990s, after Miami, and the third-largest in the U.S. in the 2000s. In 2010, the population was 2.1 million (1.7 million in 2000s). The city's population is expected to reach 2.4 million by the end of the year, up from 2.0 million in the mid-2000s. The population is predicted to reach 3.2million by the year 2020. It will be the third largest city in the Florida Keys after Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It also has a large Hispanic population.


Hialeah is the tenth-largest city in the United States among cities with a population density of more than 10,000 people per square mile. As of the 2020 United States census, there were 223,109 people, 75,989 households, and 54,646 families residing in the city. In 2015 through 2016 the population in Hialeah grew from 234,714 to 235,626, a 0.4% increase. The median household income grew from $29,249 to $ 29,817, a 1.9% increase, and the per capita income for the city was $12,402. About 16.0% of families and 18.6% of the population were below the poverty line, including 22.2% of those under age 18 and 22.4%) of those age 65 or over. The majority of people who reported they were of one ethnicity reported that they were white, but this represented less than 1/3 of the overall population. The city has the highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents in the U.S. It also had the thirty-eighth highest percentage. of Hondans and Hondurans in the US, at 1.15%, while it had the eighth highest. percentage of Nicaraguans and Nicaraguan American residents, at 4.07% of residents. Spanish is most spoken at home, while those who spoke only English made up 737% of population. All other languages spoken below 1% were below 1%.


The city of Hialeah is a significant commercial center in Miami-Dade County. The city is host to national retailers such as Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Lowe's, and The Home Depot, as well as homegrown businesses such as Navarro and Sedano's. New electronics and technology businesses have reinvigorated the local economy. Telemundo, the second largest Spanish-language TV network in the United States, was headquartered at 2340 West 8th Avenue in Hialega until 2018. Publix supermarkets opened a PublIX Sabor along one of the city's main streets which caters to Latin American and Hispanic clientele. Westland Mall contains over 100 stores and several restaurants. Macy's with a Starbucks in it, IHOP, and J. C. Penney are the main anchor stores located at the mall. Fuddruckers, IhOP, Los Ranchos Steakhouse, Chili's, Manchu Wok, Cuban Guys, Edy's are among the restaurants in the mall's Westland section. The mall also has a Starbucks with a coffee shop in it and a J.C. Penneys with a K-Mart in it. The shopping mall is located on the Florida Turnpike, which runs from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. The Turnpikes are a major highway that runs through the city and connects to the Florida Keys, Florida, Florida Beach, and Miami- Dade. The turnpikes also connect to Miami Beach and Miami Beach.


The City of Hialeah is home to three tennis centers, five public swimming pools and aquatic centers, and more than 14 public parks totaling more than 100 acres (0.40 km²) combined. Milander Park features a municipal auditorium and a 10,000 seat football stadium. Amelia Earhart Park consists of 515 acres, including a five-acre Bark Park for dogs. It also houses the new Miami Watersports Complex, which offers cable and boat wakeboarding, waterskiing, wake surfing, kneeboarding and paddleboarding. The full transformation is expected to cost $1 billion since the plan includes a complete redevelopment of the surrounding area including the construction of an entertainment complex to include a hotel, restaurants, casinos, stores and a theater. In June 2010 concerns were raised over the preservation of Hialseah Park's historical status, as the planned development threatens to hurt the park's status as a National Historic Landmark. The park installed slot machines in January 2010 as part of a deal to allow for two calendar seasons of racing. Only a portion of the park has been restored, and an additional $30 million will be needed to complete this first phase of the project. It offers a variety of amenities, programs and activities including mountain biking, soccer, Tom Sawyer's Play Island and Bill Graham Farm Village. The city also has a new water sports complex that offers wakeboarding and wake surfing. It has a number of water sports facilities including a wakeboarding center and a wake surfing center.

Government and infrastructure

Hialeah is located in Florida's 25th Congressional District. It is currently represented in the House of Representatives by Mario Díaz-Balart, a Republican. A 2005 study ranked Hialeah, Florida as the fourth most conservative city in the United States. The current mayor of the city is Esteban Bovo, a Democrat. In the 2016 United States presidential election in Florida each of the two major candidates received about half of the vote. For the 2020 U.S presidential election about two thirds of residents of Hialahte voted for Donald Trump. A vote for Trump has become about more than just him, or even the Republican Party. Its about patriotism. The University of Florida College of Dentistry operates a dental clinic in the city. It opened in 1997 to serve Hispanic populations in South Florida. The city is home to the Florida State University College of Dental Medicine, which opened its doors in 1997. It has a reputation for being one of the most expensive dental clinics in the country. It also has a large Cuban American population, which has contributed to the city's conservative leanings. The Cuban American community is a large part of the population of Hiaileah. The mayor's office has a Cuban American heritage, and the mayor is a Cuban-American himself. The town is located on the Florida Turnpike, which was built in the early 1900s. It was the first stop on the Pan-American Highway, which runs from Miami to Miami-Dade.


Hialeah's public library was founded in 1924, one year prior to the incorporation of the city. Miami-Dade College Hialeah Campus has served as the city's academic center since 1980. Mater Academy Charter High School and Miami Lakes Tech were named as "Silver" award winners in U.S. News & World Report's "Best High Schools 2008 Search" Two private schools, Champagnat Catholic School and Our Lady of Charity School, are not formally associated with the Roman Catholic Church. The city's public libraries function independently from the county-wide system. The latest branch, John F. Kennedy Library, is now the main library for Hiaileah and is easily recognizable for its grand murals. The library hosts a print collection, digital resources, and a Hialega History Collection which collects, preserves and provides access to information about the City of Hiaillah's history. It was founded by Ms. Lua Adams Curtiss, who was the late mother of the famous aviator Glenn Curtiss. In 2017, the branch set out to renovate the entire library and they added new furniture, the art murals, polished terrazzo floors, and new sculptures. The branch is located in the former home of Ms. J Sommers Garwood, a member of the Hiaileh Women's Club. The club asked for donations to get the library started and was fortunate enough to receive enough to get it started. The first branch was a donation by the Hiumaide Women's club.


Hialeah is served by Miami-Dade Transit along major thoroughfares by Metrobus, and by the Miami Metrorail, Tri-Rail, and Amtrak. In 2013, Hialeah was named a top five city with the worst drivers by Slate and Allstate. The city is located in the heart of northwest Dade, linked by Interstate 75, State Road 826, Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike, and U.S. Route 27 (Okeechobee Road) The city's first slogan was "All Ways Lead to Hialega," a slogan coined by Glenn Curtiss and James Bright in the early 1900s. It is located near the intersection of Interstate 75 and State Road 924 (Gratigny Parkway) and the Homestead extension of the Florida Turnpikes (Hollywood Boulevard and Homestead Road). The city also has access to the Miami River, which runs through the city, and the Florida Everglades, which run through the north and south sides of the city. The Miami River is the city's main waterway, and runs from the east to the west. It also runs through a section of the Miami Beach area, which is known as the "Miami River Waterway" The city has a large number of parks, many of which are open to the public, and is home to a number of restaurants and bars. It was named one of the top five cities in the United States for car accidents in 2013.

Air Quality, Water Quality, Superfund Sites & UV Index

The Air Quality index is in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida = 65.3. These Air Quality index is based on annual reports from the EPA. Higher values are better (100=best). The number of ozone alert days is used as an indicator of air quality, as are the amounts of seven pollutants including particulates, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, and volatile organic chemicals. The Water Quality Index is 50. A measure of the quality of an area’s water supply as rated by the EPA. Higher values are better (100=best). The EPA has a complex method of measuring the watershed quality, using 15 indicators such as pollutants, turbidity, sediments, and toxic discharges. The Superfund Sites Index is 10. Higher is better (100=best). Based upon the number and impact of EPA Superfund pollution sites in the county, including spending on the cleanup efforts. The UV Index in Hialeah = 7.2 and is a measure of an area's exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is most often a combination of sunny weather, altitude, and latitude. The UV Index has been defined by the WHO ( and is uniform worldwide.


The most recent city population of 223,109 individuals with a median age of 41.1 age the population dropped by -6.50% in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida population since 2000 and are distributed over a density of 10,338.21 residents per square mile of area (3,991.52/km²). There are average 3.16 people per household in the 65,720 households with an average household income of $35,229 a year. The unemployment rate in Alabama is 16.00% of the available work force and has dropped -4.51% over the most recent 12-month period and the projected change in job supply over the next decade based on migration patterns, economic growth, and other factors will increase by 14.98%. The number of physicians in Hialeah per 100,000 population = 262.3.


The annual rainfall in Hialeah = 65.5 inches and the annual snowfall = 0 inches. The annual number of days with measurable precipitation (over .01 inch) = 132. The average number of days per year that are predominantly sunny = 252. 90 degrees Fahrenheit is the average daily high temperature for the month of July and 57.5 degrees Fahrenheit is the average daily low temperature for the month of January. The Comfort Index (higher=better) is 29, where higher values mean a more pleasant climate. The Comfort Index measure recognizes that humidity by itself isn't the problem. (Have you noticed nobody ever complains about the weather being 'cold and humid?) It's in the summertime that we notice the humidity the most, when it's hot and muggy. Our Comfort Index uses a combination of afternoon summer temperature and humidity to closely predict the effect that the humidity will have on people.

Median Home Cost

The percentage of housing units in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida which are owned by the occupant = 49.58%. A housing unit is a house, apartment, mobile home, or room occupied as separate living quarters. The average age of homes = 34 years with median home cost = $123,850 and home appreciation of -20.83%. This is the value of the years most recent home sales data. Its important to note that this is not the average (or arithmetic mean). The median home price is the middle value when you arrange all the sales prices of homes from lowest to highest. This is a better indicator than the average, because the median is not changed as much by a few unusually high or low values. The property tax rate of $14.71 shown here is the rate per $1,000 of home value. If for simplification for example the tax rate is $14.00 and the home value is $250,000, the property tax would be $14.00 x ($250,000/1000), or $3500. This is the 'effective' tax rate.


The local school district spends $5,069 per student. There are 17 students for each teacher in the school, 605 students for each Librarian and 358 students for each Counselor. 4.29% of the area’s population over the age of 25 with an Associate Degree or other 2-year college degree, 5.97% with a master’s degree, Ph.D. or other advanced college degree and 4.44% with high school diplomas or high school equivalency degrees (GEDs).

  • Hialeah's population in Miami-Dade County, Florida of 4,082 residents in 1900 has increased 54,66-fold to 223,109 residents after 120 years, according to the official 2020 census.

    Approximately 51.78% female residents and 48.22% male residents live in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

    As of 2020 in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida are married and the remaining 41.49% are single population.

  • 29.7 minutes is the average time that residents in Hialeah require for a one-way commute to work. A long commute can have different effects on health. A Gallup poll in the US found that in terms of mental health, long haul commuters are up to 12 percent more likely to experience worry, and ten percent less likely to feel well rested. The Gallup poll also found that of people who commute 61­–90 minutes each day, a whopping one third complained of neck and back pain, compared to less than a quarter of people who only spend ten minutes getting to work.

    76.62% of the working population which commute to work alone in their car, 16.53% of the working population which commutes to work in a carpool, 2.86% of the population that commutes using mass transit, including bus, light rail, subway, and ferry. 1.14% of the population that has their home as their principal place of work.

  • Of the total residential buildings in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida, 49.58% are owner-occupied homes, another 47.85% are rented apartments, and the remaining 2.58% are vacant.

  • The 38.34% of the population in Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida who identify themselves as belonging to a religion are distributed among the following most diverse religions.

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